Monday, July 04, 2011

Ode To My Mom

   Today is my Mom's 55th birthday! YAY!!! Fireworks will be filling the skys tonight for her...well mainly just in the the States but that's totally beside the point. ;)

Mom with her Lover  in Hawaii ;)
   This morning when I was up and about getting ready for work I was thinking about my mom and how our relationship has more or less developed over the years. 

   I don't think it was till after I left my home town that I really began to become close to my mom. Not to say we weren't close before. We always had a wonderful relationship but I spent most of my time with Elizabeth as a kid and into my teen years and well Mom was just that, my mom. Then when I moved out to Lethbridge things changed. I began to call back home and talk on the phone with Mom for long periods of time and I soon discovered she actually had some pretty good insight on a lot of things, especially cooking food and boys. When I was going through something tough she'd be all ears and let me rant or cry sobs over the phone until I felt I had gotten it all out. And every now and again she'll send me a hand written note in the mail just to say, "I love you" and include a scripture or something uplifting just for me.

   Any time I tell people about my large family and that not only am I a twin but have two older brother who are twins, an older sister and a younger brother people are typically drawn to say something like, "How did your mother survive?"  I really have no clue. Having four babies in diapers during a period of time would be an extreme test for any human but somehow, to this day my mom is able to laugh it off. Not to say she didn't have tough times but I've really never heard her say bad things about those times in life. She also had a lot of help from my dad so the two of them really just overcame those baby years together. Yet she still deserves a reward for being a stay a home mom with....a lot of kids.

All her kids and grandkids too
   But anyways I just thought I'd say how much I love my mom and to wish her a beautiful birthday today. She deserves it!

Isn't she one beautiful wife, mom and grandma. :)

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rknoel said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! It's my moms birthday today too!