Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning, How I Love Thee

   I've typically always been a morning person and perhaps even more so now that I'm married than ever before. No part of my day has any routine except for the A.M. and though it may change a tad to accommodate life, for the most part  I know what to expect and I like that.

This is how my mornings typically go,

     - I'm usually up about 10 minutes before Jonathan (6:20ish) to shower.

     - I make the bed, pick out what I'll wear that day, and kiss Jonathan good bye. (It only takes him like 15 minutes from waking up to being out the door)

     - I'll brush out my wet hair, do my makeup, clean up any dry dishes in the kitchen and sweep the floor if I have time.

     - At some point I'll fill up a pitcher of water and feed my beautiful out door plants so they're set for the day.

The one is full and constantly giving me new buds and beautiful flowers. The tiny one of the side is slowly dying. I don't know how to revive it. So sad.
    - After that I pack a simple lunch for work and enjoy a quiet breakfast as I either watch my favorite morning show, Chef at Home or just eat in silence. This is why I love mornings so much more now that I'm married because it's the only part of the day where I have the house to myself, it's cool and quiet, all the windows are open and I can just mentally prepare for anything I have to do. It's just a peaceful and calming way to start the day.

     -Following my breakfast I'll do something with my hair, brush my teeth, shut all the windows and bolt out the door so I'm not late for work. 

   This morning was especially wonderful as it was rather cozy inside with rain clouds lingering outdoors and a refreshing cool breeze drifting into my house. Oh morning how I love you.


Kari Jeanne said...

I love the mornings too, although mine usually revolve around a cup of coffee!! Love your last paragraph - you described it so beautifully :)

Emme said...

oh my, you make mornings sound so wonderful. it's so nice that you take time in the mornings to "mentally prepare" yourself. it sounds like it's a way of meditation almost?
it wasn't until college that i began to appreciate mornings. before that, i just jumped from bed right into my day.
reading this made me want to truly enjoy every blessed morning :)

thegirlhassparke said...

i find other peoples routines so interesting. I usually get up and exercise (sometimes) then shower and dress and run to the bus stop, I usually have breakfast at work reading my emails.