Monday, July 18, 2011

Making a Dress for Annabell

   This past weekend Jonathan and I went up to Cold Lake, Alberta to spend time with his parents, sister-in-law Jeannie and her sweet little girl Annabell.

   We had a wonderful, relaxing time up there just hanging out, playing games, going to a park, walks and attempting to swim in the local lake. But as you probably guest from the name (Cold Lake) the water was way to cold and I chickened out after getting waist deep, leaving my poor hubby completely drenched in freezing water without me. Yes I know, I'm a terrible wife.

   One of the small highlights of the weekend was getting little Annabell to try on a dress that I had made for her a few weeks ago. I was mostly afraid it would be too small as I hadn't seen her in a while when had I decided to make the dress and so I wasn't sure of her size nore did I have a pattern to go by. I basically just guessed and crossed my fingers that it'd be the right fit.

   To start with I had an old dress in my closet I had bought years ago and never once wore. It was way to low up top for my liking and so I never felt comfortable wearing it around. Finally I decided to give it up and thought that this time instead of giving it to a second hand store I'd cut it up and make a summer dress for the little one.

This was the before dress
   So after a few hours of cutting up, figuring out what pieces I could use and toss, adding elastic, and sewing it all up I ended up with what I think was a pretty cute little dress.

All done. Ruffles, bows, a pockets and love.
   What a relief when I was finally able to tried it on her and discover it was a great fit with even room to grow.

Aww, isn't she just the cutest!
Now that she can walk it was hard to get her to sit down and take a good picture so this was the best I could do for a back shot.

   I'm happy the dress fits her though I think she had more fun after discovering the bow in the back and that she could take it off then actually wearing it.


Michelle Andersson said...

I LOVE that dress Teaka. :) Did you make the pattern too?

Teaka said...

Michelle I had no pattern for this dress.

Emme said...

great job!! it's so darling.


She's so cuteeeeee

Rosaspina Vintage said...

How pretty!!! You did a great job on this one Teaka :)
SO cute!