Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jogging in the Rain...and Hail

   The thing about jogging is that I'm not a big fan of it.  I do it because I know it's good for me and all that stuff but just jogging in and of itself is not my ideal way to spend time.

   Yet yesterday, after work my friend Jodie and I decided to jog together (instead of going out for ice cream as originally planned). We figured we'd both be on the same jogging level and so neither of us would pull the other behind and we'd be able to push through together. It was refreshing to jog with another person and over all made the experience a bit easier.

   Sadly though our little jogging escapade around the park lasted only 5 minutes and then the heaven's broke open and water poured over us. Jodie was a real trouper and insisted we keep going. Her way of convincing me to keep going was by saying that we probably looked (I forget the correct wording) so heavenly or beautiful running in the rain. HA! When we finally took shelter  under a tree from the marble size hail we were both drenched with makeup dripping down our face. Heavenly....not quite.

We were drenched anyways so I made Jodie jump in a puddle. Tehe

   Actually it was a lot of fun. After it stopped raining we were able to sitting down and chat which helped us to dry up bit faster.

   Anyways jogging with someone does make the experience much more enjoyable, even if it rains and hails. We decided that we should try to continue jogging together as we're all for the buddy system. Hopefully tonight we have some better weather.

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Anonymous said...

hahahhah that's the cutest picture ever! Good luck with all your jogging experiences!