Monday, July 11, 2011

Joel and Gevevieve's Wedding

   This past weekend I was honored and thrilled to be apart of my dear friend, Genevieve's wedding. And what a wedding it was!

   Anybody who knows Genevieve knows that she's such a beautiful women both inside and out and it would seem that almost anything she touches turns into "gold". Her wedding was simply another spectacular day of creativity and eye candy almost everywhere you looked.

   I'd love to share a few pictures from the weekend but I'll just have to say I really stole a lot of pictures from my husband and some people who posted pictures on Facebook. So thanks everyone for well....letting me steal a few shots.

   Friday evening was spent at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and then finally all the bridesmaids gathered in the bride's grandparent's basements till the wee hours of the night putting together flower bouquets and arrangements for the reception tables. The basement smelt amazing and even though we were all exhausted it was enjoyable just being surrounded by so many beautiful flowers. 
Working on flower arrangements for the reception
Baby breath bouquets
   The wedding morning was surprising really relaxed (well for the bridemaid, not so much the bride) but Genevieve's mom did come over early and served us a delicious breakfast. It was a lovely way to start off the day.

   The rest of the day was spent just cleaning up, putting together last minute things and tearing up as we watched the bride get ready.
She truly was breathtaking. Joel is one lucky husband.
   Later in the day we caught up with the bride and groom as they left early to take a few shots before the wedding ceremony and we proceeded to some pretty sweet locations to get some wedding party photos.

   Gen's photographer, Shari Vallely, was a friend of her's who knew pretty much exactly what she was wanting for pictures so with those two very talented minds I'm sure the pictures are going to be pretty awesome. Check out Shari's website and blog by clicking HERE.

   Alright moving on. They had a beautiful Jewish ceremony, which was filled with so much beautiful symbolism and words. Thankfully the wind has calmed down since the pervious day and for the most part everything went off perfectly.

   Following the ceremony there was some tasty lemonade and cakepops to enjoy along with mingling and catching up with a few people I hadn't seen for awhile.

   The wedding party then proceeded to the reception site (Genevieve's grandparent's backyard) where it was a mad dash to try and get things set up before the guest arrives. There was some moments of miss communications and having to redo a few things but in the end it was set up and beyond breathtaking.
Crazy set up time
Well worth it!
   The reception was truly dreamy and enjoyable, especially after the sun set and the hanging lights, chandeliers and candles lit up the back yard.

   The evening was spent eating, talking, laughing, beautiful speaches and toasts.

   Along with dancing on the dance floor (I just watched mind you. I'm really a terrible dancer).

   And then dancing off the dance floor with a chair dance. So fun! But I felt scared for Gen! Eek!
   I'm so happy for Joel and Genevieve. They are such wonderful people and have such huge futures ahead.

(Sorry for the super long blog but this wedding so deserved it)

   I love you Genevieve!


Emme said...

this looks like it was so beautiful! i wish i could've seen it in person.

Kari Jeanne said...

Such wonderful words about such a wonderful person - thanks for posting this as I so missed being able to attend!

thegirlhassparke said...

this looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding. weddings are one of my favourite events, always so happy.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! exactly what I wanted in an outdoor wedding! Thank you for the fabulous photo's =)

Deidre said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the photos.