Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favorit Etsy Lingerie Stores

   To start with hopefully you know about Etsy. If you haven't then click on the link and let your world be opened to a world of creativity. But this post is not about explaining the concept of Etsy rather to highlight a few of my favorite stores I've discovered over a period of time that sell some of my favorite things, undies!

   If you know me you'll know I'm a big fan of lingerie, sleepwear and undies, more or less hand made stuff. So I love going on Etsy and seeing the many different designs and beautiful creations people are coming up with. Mostly though I love the real comfy cute stuff.

   Here's a few of my favorite Etsy stores, in no particular order.

1) Ohhh Lulu
   I'm a huge fan of this Ontario, Canadian designer (Sarah) and her cute undies, bras and jumpers. She has a very girly, romantic look about her designs as she often uses florals, ruffles and bows.  The cool thing about Ohhh Lulu is that she often uses weave fabrics but cuts on the bias to get a comfortable stretch. That's why she can use the cute patterns that often are seen on cotton weaves and not knits. What's not to love!

   I also am a constant reader of her BLOG.

2) Sandmaiden Sleep Wear
   The designer of these sexy but super comfy looking sleepwear items prides herself on using mostly natural fabrics with just a touch of modern fibers to get that stretch we all love today. She also uses a lot of organic cottons and bamboo fabrics.

   I really do love her designs as once again they are meant for a real women in mind. She also has a wide selection of styles. From sheer to all covered up. Take your pick ladies.

3) Naomilingerie
   This designer grew up in Japan, worked in the fashion industry there but over the course of time found herself in Vancouver, Canada. She started making lingerie because she couldn't find anything her style as most lingerie was either too sexy or too casual. So she created her own line of innocent, warm, pleasant lingerie.

   I seriously LOVE her stuff as it really has the soft feminine, innocent touch that I like so much.

   She also has a great little BLOG which is worth checking out.


Emme said...

ooh thanks for the post! i love lingerie as well :)

Unknown said...

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