Monday, June 13, 2011

A Weekend with Strep Throat

    How in the world does one catch strep throat? I have no clue but I found myself waking up Thursday morning with terrible plains in my throat any time I tried to swallow and by that evening battling between shivers and sweat as I laid on my bed with a fever. I somehow caught strep throat.

   I won't moan and complain about the last few days but I will just say that strep throat is CRAPPY! I had never had it before and I never want it again. I wasn't able to get to a doctor till Friday evening when Jonathan took me to a walk in clinic (which was two hours of waiting). The doctor gave me a jar of orange pills and told me to take two pills twice a day. That night I ended up with another fever but by Saturday afternoon I thankfully was beginning to feel better.

   It was awful but I must admit I rather enjoyed the gifts I received that weekend.  Not that I'm saying it's a good thing to be sick because of the presents but they did brighten my day.

   Jonathan surprised me with a cook book I told him about earlier that week. I actually don't think he bought it as a, "Get Well" gift as he didn't really know how sick I was till later that evening.

   It was just an "I Love You" kind of gift. Which are even better! It's this cook book called Mad Hungry and it's filled with recipes and concepts for cooking for men. Lately I've realizing the huge difference between men and women and what they prefer to eat.

   Jonathan and I can be polar opposite sometimes and I loved the idea of this book. Anyways I may have just read through the whole book while either in bed or on the couch this past weekend. And I can't wait to start cooking up some food from it. Tonight, hopefully chicken dumplings....with a whole chicken (a first for me).

   Along with that my sister, Elizabeth sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a get well balloon. Which are now in my living room brightening things up.

   Even though the gifts are nice the best gift of all was getting my body back to normal and being able to go to church Sunday morning. I hadn't spoken to anybody accept Jonathan for the few days and getting outside of the house with others felt rather freeing.

   Plus I got to wear a pair of my favorite shoes too.

   It's one of those Monday mornings where I'm actually thrilled to be back at work and back to a regular routine.

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Amber said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)