Monday, June 20, 2011

The Puzzle

   This weekends was wonderful. Sleeping in, warm weather during the day, soft relaxing rain in the evening, friends and church on Sunday. Over all just the type of weekend that makes me feel recharged and ready to start a new week.

   What I enjoyed the most was when later Saturday evening Jonathan suggested we go out and get a puzzle. So we went to Walmart, found a perfect 1000 piece one and went late into the night sitting around the table just putting together the puzzle.

   It was so relaxing with the windows open and listening to the rain outside. But finally I couldn't stay awake any longer and went to bed while Jonathan continued for much longer working away at the puzzle.

   Sunday morning we found ourselves at the puzzles again while eating our bowls of cereals. Slowly we were seeing progress on the picture. We went to church and after the service I stayed to cook a meal for the worship team and when I got back home around 2pm there was Jonathan hard at work on the puzzle. So we spent a few more hours on it, took a break to go see some friends and when we got back in the evening we were at the puzzle again.

   I haven't worked on a puzzle in so long and I forgot how addicting and yet how incredibly frustrating they can be. We still have a good portion left on it but I figure at the rate we're going at we may get it done by tomorrow.

   But once it's all done I may just miss it.

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Emme said...

how fun! mike and i started a 1000 piece puzzle but we never finished it and it took up too much space in our kitchen so i ended up putting it away unfinished :( we'll have to pull it out again and finish it. sounds like you're having a lovely summer :)