Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Want to Sleep in a Tent

   Now that the summer is here and this week has brought some incredibly hot days my mind can't help but daydream about getting away, setting up a tent and living outside for a few days. It also doesn't help that during these last few days it's been slightly unbearable in our place without air conditioning that being outside would probably be cooler, especially at night.

   Of course for me it's so easy to over romanticize things and create in my mind the perfect little get way while forgetting about possible rain showers, mosquitoes, cold winds, sun burns and that constant thought in the back of my mind that a bear could be attack me at any moment. Something one must always consider when not surrounded by the comfort of their four walls.

   Regardless I'm looking forward to at least one camping trip this summer. I don't know when it'll be or for how long but I'm already getting excited for it's arrival.

   In my mind we'd sleep in a tent like this!

   Even more so this tent!

Come soon camping trip.

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