Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Working in a Gladiolus Field

   May is here and when May (actually more late April but it's a late season this year) comes gladiolus bulb planting time is here.

   I've been helping Andy, a friend (camera man) who also works at the station, with his gladiolus field for a fews years now. Either I'm helping him plant the bulbs in spring or else harvesting the bulbs in late summer.  Also yesterday both Jonathan and I were able to help plant. It was enjoyable being out in the field together. Sadly I've never once actually seen this glorious field of flowers when they are blooming as I've always been out of town during this season. But this year I hope I can make it down and see this sea of color.

  Andy sells his quality bulbs at markets and flowers to different flower shops and markets around Alberta. He even has a catalogue made up each year and hard core gardeners love purchasing their gladiolus through him.

   Rows and rows of what seems like lifeless bulbs will soon turn this dusty field into a beautiful sight.

    This morning I'm just a tad sore and the pending rain is a welcome site. Though I know Andy is a bit sad that we can't get more done since the field will be to muddy to work in after today. But I know that Saturday a group of people will be out there and we'll all be able to power through a whole chunk of it. Should be fun...and of course exhausting.

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Emme said...

how fun! gardening is the best!