Monday, May 02, 2011

Where We're Staying for Our First Year Anniversary

   I know, I know I've probably already blogged about how excited I am for Jonathan and my first year anniversary at the end of this month but as the date comes closer it seems like it's the one my huge thing I can really looking forward too!

   The main reason we'll be going up is for the U2 Concert that week (YAHOO!!!) but we figured while we're up there we might as well make it into a little romantic holiday. I know it may be silly but I'm actually most excited about the place we'll be staying at while up there. I asked Jonathan if he'd let me pick out the hotel this time around. I know that's probably totally lame of me since it's so much more romantic when the man plans it but I guess I sort of wanted to find a place that I could surprise Jonathan with. Some place different than a regular chain hotel.

   After a bit of search I found the most perfect spot. (Well I the pics and reviews all make it sound great). It's called the Glenora Bed & Breakfast Inn. It's an elegantly restored  building in the heart of Edmonton's historic West End and has been redecorated with vintage theme inside. Each Victorian bedroom is unique. There's a bistro on the main floor where we'll get a free breakfast every morning and then the inn part is on the upper floors.

   The best parts are all of the different rooms. Have a gander by clicking here

   We'll be doing so much more enjoyable things that I know the hotel is really not at all important in the grand scheme of things. But my hearts still looking forward to spending time in this cozy little place.


Emme said...

How nice :) it looks so quaint. i'm totally jealous you get to go to a U2 concert! sing and scream for me ok?

Amber said...

Looks cozy! You'll have to give us a review of the hotel after you stay :)

TEakA said...

I'm scream extra hard for you Emme and not only will I post a review after our stay Amber but hopefully pics too! :) YAY!