Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Afternoon

   This week there hasn't been a whole lot to report on.  I keep wanting to blog about something but nothing seems to scream blog worthy material. Unless you classify eating canned mushroom soup and garlic cheese toast made by my husband news worthy. Probably not though.

   I suppose the weather seems to match this lack of excitement as rain, rain and more rain  currently dampens the would be beautiful spring days. Rain isn't so bad though. If anything I'm enjoying that it's been raining all week exactly like it did this time last year. I know that because this time last year I was back home in Saskatchewan getting ready for our wedding and all it did was rain, causing some minor changes in plans but such is life. One thing to be certain of is some beautiful lushness that will follow soon after when the sun decides to show up.

   It was so beautifully green and bright on our wedding day, wet but beautiful. Thank goodness for rubber boots. 

P.S. I'm extremely excited for our 1st year anniversary. Though I'm sure I say that ever other post.
Anyways on with life, rain or shine.

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