Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Summer I Will Wear Dresses

   Spring and summer come each year and along with that a dread of exposing body limbs that I've been so happy to hide during the long fall and winter seasons. Though I love spring and all the wonderful feelings that come along with it I also hate that I love dresses so much and wish I was more confident to wear them around. The problem with dresses is that one must show of their legs. Which oddly enough is one of the only things I'm really self conscious about. But lately I've been think about it and if that's a good enough excuse to keep me in pants all summer as it has in years past. I've come to a concussion that it's simply not.  I will wear dresses this summer!

   That being said you won't be seeing me in shorts any times soon...sorry. I'm not in any way ready for that.

   Anyways this is my Drool Over Dress list.  Just cause...

Labyrinth Dress in Dusty Mauve- $49.95

 Merry-Go-Round in Gray-$49.95

 Oblique Blooms Dress- $258.00

 Indira Dress-$398.00


Emme said...

ooh! those are all so beautiful. i say- way to go teaka! rock those dresses. personally i'm a skirt/dress kind of girl. i wear them basically everyday to work instead of slacks (yuck!). i'm sure you have beautiful legs and don't have anything to worry about :)

Anonymous said...

Pssssssht, you are lovely. Don't worry about it! Go tan (in the sun)and you'll be fine! Jonathan will be so PROUD to have you on his arm in a sweet dress like that!

Teaka said...

Thanks ladies!
Emme I'm going to try for more skirts and dresses at work. It gets super hot in the office during the summer so it just makes sense to wear them.
Amanda, I am tanning which is making my legs a little more brave to face the outdoor world...but they need days and days to recover from years hidden haha

Kari Jeanne said...

LOVE all of those dresses - I also am making more of an effort to wear dresses more often. Because, really they are so wonderful and we only have a few months that we can really wear them here!!