Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Panty By Post

   I'm sure we all love packages in the mail especially when they come as a surprise.  To add to that I'm sure many of us simply love a cute pair of new panties. Now mix the two together and you have a brilliant concept.

   I just found out about this online company called Panty By Post that has a system set up where they'll send you a pair of cute  panties each month of the year. You can also set it up for just a few months of the year and you can choose what styles you want or be surprised. I wouldn't want to choose mine rather the suspense of the unknown would be more exciting for me. They even have it set up for bridal inspired undies or even for guys. Their styles are so lovely and inspired by the French women of Paris. Fancy that, I'm French too! J'aime l'être français.


Emme said...

ooh lala! this sounds perfectly exciting :)

Amber said...

How fun would this be?!?! There really is a site for everything lol!