Friday, May 20, 2011

The Muffins that Flopped

   When I read food blogs I often leave inspired and challenged to attempt a new recipe or expand outside of my same old to create something sensational. I mean when these people post their recipes the out come is sure to be a hit. Making one think that truly these people are amazing in their kitchens. What heaven it must be to live in their house holds. Which may be true for some but of course those recipes that flop are never posted on their blogs.

   Last night I was baking up a batch of muffins and not having much in my fridge to create with I ended up with some old, slightly drying out strawberries and an unused lemon. My muffins have always turned out no matter what I put in them so I figured this seemed like a tasty combination and began stirring in the items.

   What a fail! Did you know that if you add too much lemon to something it has this almost egg like smell too it.  I mean the muffins look tasty but I could tell they weren't much of a success after I came up this morning and notice Jonathan didn't take any to work with him. Sadly they sit on my kitchen table.  I'll admit I haven't even tried them yet... I'm kind of scared.

   So note to everyone....  keep lemon juice to a limit.

   On that note here's a link to one of my favorite food blogs Becoming Lola. I'm sure her muffins are always tasty.

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Amber said...

Uh oh! I did not know that lemon juice could do that...I'll store that fact!