Monday, May 16, 2011

Look What Jonathan Installed For Me

   I love being married to a guy who can whip out some tools and install anything my heart desires... well to an extent. Even if it's just floating shelves his work is so precise and accurate I can't help but want to show off my shelves and display my hubby's handy work.

   Now awhile ago I blogged about wanting to spruce up our dinning room area as it felt rather dull. (Click Here To Read) Also I wanted to do it under $20. Unfortunately I think I ended up spend around $40 in total with the shelve Jonathan installed and $10 on the mushrooms and the white vase but in the end I love my new dining room!

   It's nothing fancy but it's these little things that when Jonathan and I agree on make our place feel more like home.

   So I was thrilled to not only have my newish dinning room but also to have my cousin, Elizabeth, and her family over for supper on Sunday evening. It had been a long time since we had hung out so we had a wonderful time catching up, eating and playing a board game. For dessert we had tea light candle s'mores. It's great just sitting around a table chatting while burning a marshmallow. I had never done that before and loved it so much. We'll have to do it again. :)

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Emme said...

how sweet of him :) the shelves look really great. i like your smore date, so cute :)