Friday, May 13, 2011

Lego and Office Moving

   Last night before bed we pulled out Jonathan's old Lego set and we began attempting to create random things. We didn't get to crazy and though he had quite a lot of lego bits I had a difficult time construction the castle I dreamed up in my head. In fact all I ended up with was a plain old square house with a flat roof. I have no idea what Jonathan ended up with.

   Man I remember I use to play with lego for hours and hours and found it to be the most awesome thing ever. Skip over 10 or more years I don't think we lasted very long before I was done and we just packed it all away again. Hopefully our kids find more enjoyment with it. We'll have to just save it for them.

   On a side note, my place of work is doing some much needed renovations in the production office area. A few months back a pipe line broke over. Since it was a weekend no one was there to stop it and the water soaked into the walls and carpet . Because of this new carpet was needed, some new walls replaced and a new splash of paint was put up this week. Today they moved me and my other co-worker out of our beloved office into a more common office area while they repaint and put in new carpet. The whole place is a mess. Everyone is getting rearranged, office furniture sprawled about and a lingering stench of carpet glue is threatening to soon knock me out.

   This is my new view. Only now I have a massive computer screen blocking everything. But you get an idea of the mess.

   We're not sure if we'll ever get our beloved office back which is in the quiet part of the building, with a window. It's a bit sad but I'm determined that this space is just as productive as any other.....which is why I must stop blogging and get back to work.

Have a sunny and warm weekend everyone!

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Emme said...

lego is the best!! i used to build ships and take them in the tub with me and i'd make little towns. you guys are so cool :)