Monday, May 30, 2011

Genevieve's Stagette and Anniversary

   This past weekend I was delighted to spend  time with a dear friend of mine, Genevieve and her other beautiful bridesmaids and friends.  It was probably the most beautiful stagette/lingerie shower I've been to. There was so much love and joy oozing out of everyone for the bride. There were only a few dry eyes at one point in the evening. Just hearing so many other women share their heart and stories about Gen was such a touching part of the weekend and hands down my favorite time. We all have those special friends in our lives that we're so proud of and honored to share special times in their lives and this weekend I met so many other girls who were just as thrilled for her as I am. Such a blessing.

   Sadly I didn't take many pictures which is unfortunate because the whole time there always seemed to be picture perfect moments. No doubt Facebook will be flooded with them in the near future... well I hope so.

   I captured a few on my sorry for the poor quality but it's all I've got to show off.

   We started off the day with a surprise tea party for the bride to be. Recognize those pink and blue macaroons? ;) 

After catching a movie we went to this cute restaurant called Farm (right behind us). They severed some AMAZING macaroni and cheese.

On top of that they also severed a wide selection of different cheeses, sauces and meat. It was quite a treat. This place would be such a romantic place to take Jonathan too. I think he'd enjoy it.

   Anyways onto even more romantic things yesterday was also our anniversary. I can't believe we've been married one whole year now. Honestly it feels like we've been married longer but I mean that in a good way. We had a simple evening together just taking a long walk down in a park and talking. I love times like that. I'll admit I was a bit grumpy to start with which was totally selfish of me but after a walk I was back to normal. Jonathan made a remark that made me laugh cause it's sort of true but I didn't realize it. He said that he's noticing if I'm grumpy and he takes me out for a long walk then everything's better. So he thinks that must be the cure for me. Haha....well I doubt that's the "cure" for everything but I sure do enjoy taking walks with him. We finished the evening off with coke floats. It was such a relaxed Sunday evening. Just what we love.

   We're both super excited about tomorrow when we can head up to Edmonton and have our little get away and see the U2 concert.  I can't WAIT!!!!


Emme said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! It sound like you had a positively perfect evening and I'm still soooo jealous about the U2 concert. I hope you have so much fun :)
Your friend's bridal shower looks like it was really nice too. And i don't know what you're talking about- you have amazing legs!!!

Teaka said...

Haha aww thanks Emme. I'm just learning how to best pose my legs to make them look a bit better. :)