Sunday, May 22, 2011

French Macroons...Well Not Quite

   Yesterday I decided I would attempt baking those ever so popular french macaroons that you see in fashionable magazine and fancy food blogs. Yet after reading the recipe I'll admit I was a bit afraid as it seemed with any wrong move you would destroy your batch. For example you must either stir the batch 50 times...or was it 65 times. Too much will make it to thick or thin...gah I can't remember but I wasn't interested in trying something too meticulous on my day off.

   Instead I decided to create my own version and I must admit they turned out great.

   Basically it's just making a batch of home made Oreos but instead of using a chocolate cake mix I used a white cake mix so I could add dye. I made the cookies rather small and and the results these perfectly cute macaroons.

   Next I made a cream cheese icing.

   And tada here are the results.

   I think they're simply adorable. Quiet tasty too. :)


Amber said...

Teaka, they look AWESOME!!! And I'm sure they taste just the same :) Feel free to post the recipe :)

Emme said...

those look fabulous! much better than any from those fashionable magazines or fancy food blogs:)