Thursday, May 05, 2011

First Experience with Indian Food

   Yesterday I was delighted to have supper with a long lost friend Jaclyn.

   I'm always disappointed when I lose touch with a friend even though I know that's just the way life goes. Friends come and then life happens and one must move or there's a change of paths. Either way it's sad. So it's always lovely to catch up with someone you haven't really spent time with for years.

   We decided to try this sort of new East Indian restaurant down town call Taj. Both of us had never eaten Indian food so we knew this would be a possible experience in itself as we weren't sure what to expect.

   I wish I took a picture of the place but sadly I didn't think of it at the time. It's really a cute little spot with some unique Indian decor. When walking my senses were kind of taken aback by scents I wasn't familiar with. Yet all rather alluring.

   We ended up with a tomato type sauce with veggie dumplings, a spicy strange sauce with lamb bits, garlic naan bread and saffron rice.  If that wasn't enough we also each ordered a small dessert. One a bizzar carrot pudding and a tasty rice pudding.

   Our food tasted incredible! Seriously if you're in Lethbridge and you want to try some place new go to Taj. But here's the thing, you know how sometimes you hear about the...uhm how do I say it....repercussions that may follow after Indian food. Well after our meal we sort of had some strange happenings in our stomachs. I know my body wasn't use to those spices or something. It wasn't horrible, just sort of weird. I think we were both ok by the evening though.

   Regardless it was totally worth it.

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Emme said...

mmmm indian food is the BEST! is the place you went to beside henotic? if it is, i went there once and it was fabulous. next time you eat indian you'll have to try marsala. it's my favourite. korma is also really good :)