Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wish List

   Poor Jonathan is sick today. Last night he was starting to get a sore throat and when he woke up this morning going to work just wasn't an option. For some reason when he get's sick all I want to do is stay home so I can be with him. But how utterly silly that is as I know he's perfectly capable of taking care of himself and staying home really wouldn't help him any more. It's probably more that I'm jealous he gets a day off of work so I want one to. Yet I'll take having a healthy day over a sick day.

   Anyways today's been a day of more dreaming about my secret project. Sigh. More or less the tiny details and things I wish I could buy. For instance I'll go on Etsy and start browsing around at random things getting ideas here and there when suddenly I find my online shopping cart filled with $300 worth of things. Ahhh....if only.

   Here's what's on my wish list today,

One of these day's I'm going to be able to get all these beautiful laces, trims and notions. What a grand day that will be.


Emme said...

oooh that fabric!! so lovely. and the lace! oh my.
i love your new blog look. how did you do it? my blog is sooo ugly and i need some pointers please!

Teaka said...

Thanks Emme!
Honestly it just took a bit of time just trying to get clean slate and working with the basic options on the design template section.
I'm trying to get a certain style with my blog and hopefully in the summer have added links and so forth. This is sort of a trail run so I can get to where I hope to be. :S