Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise in the Mail

   What a beautiful surprise I found in my mail box this morning, the most charming of hand written letters from my dear niece Kamryn along with an embroidered piece of cloth with little flowers. Actually it's an impressive piece of work for a nine year old. She can do a french knot better that I can.

   I think my favorite part in the letter is when she asked me to write back but to please not hand write. Ha ha. By hand write I mean that way of writing you learn in elementary or junior high where everything flows into each other. My mom always hand writes things and as a kid I could hardly ever understand what was being written. To this day I struggle with it and sadly I can't really hand write my new last name. It's that darn Z that always gets me. Anyways her request was so cute.

   Her short but sweet letter reminded me of years ago when I use to write to my great aunt Yvonne. I can't quite remember what spurred on the pen pal relationship we had but it lasted for years. She would write about what her children and grand children were up to, send me stickers and new paper clippings. While I'd write about school, my family, pets and draw her pictures. I think I should write to her again. It's been way to long since the last letter.

   Aren't hand written letters so nostalgic.


Anonymous said...

awwww that is adorable! I LOVE it :) have fun with it

Emme said...

how sweet! snail mail is the best and finding an unexpected letter that's actually for you from an actual person is so special :) and that emroidery is so pretty and very impressive indeed. funny, i've been wanting to start doing that lately.