Friday, April 01, 2011

Something Tasty

Yesterday after work I came home a little hungry so decided to make something for supper that wasn't the same old. I had seen a recipe online a while back and from what I could remember in my mind I went about attempting my own version of it.

Maybe they could be called Dinner/Breakfast Muffins
-Set the oven at 400C
- First you fry up some bacon. One strip for each muffin
- Flatten each piece of bread, butter one side and with the butter side down mold each slice into the muffin tray.

-Next you crumble up the bacon and put the pieces at the bottom of each muffin.
- Carefully crack one egg into each muffin
- Shred some cheese (the more the merrier) and add to the top of the eggs
- Cook in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes (I had jumbo muffin tray so if you have a regular size one you probably only have to cook for 15 mins)

In end you get these delightful muffins perfect for supper.

I added salsa to mine. SO GOOD.


Emme said...

wow! these look amazing, i'm sure my husband will love them. thanks for sharing :)

Pirate of The Napkins said...

ooo. these look delicious AND easy. :) my favorite combination.