Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleeping Through the Royal Wedding

   I'm incredibly dissapointed that I slept through the royal wedding. My alarm was set and I was surprised at how excited I was to watch it live. Something about the notion of watching a prince marry with royalty and the whole fanfare was so thrilling. I know lots of people probably thought else wise about the whole affair but to millions it was a reason to watch something grand and feel slightly involved.

   Yesterday night Jonathan and I were talking and I brought up a bet that we should guess what Princess Kate's dress would look like and whoever was farthest from the actual gown had to buy the other lunch. He was horrified and stated that I was having this conversation with the wrong guy. No matter how much I persisted he refused to make a guess...the best he would do is white. Pssssh. Haha!

   Anyways so this morning Jonathan turned on the TV around 6:30am and we were able to catch the last bit of the live cast. I guess the groom and bride had left the balcony and so they there just showing clips from the crowed bellow and clips from the actual ceremony.

   I truly am sad I didn't force myself to wake up to watch it. I know it's silly....but still. So I ended up making myself a cup of tea and watched the rerun clips for a while this morning.

Cheers to the Prince and Princess of England!

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