Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Marriage Bed

   AAh ha! I'm sure those who are reading this post were first drawn in by the title. Maybe you thought you were about to read something steamy and hot. Or perhaps my personal thoughts on the intimate life of a married couple.

Sorry none of that in this post.

   Instead what I do want to say is how much I love my bed. Seriously the more Jonathan and I sleep in it the more we love it.

   In January we purchased a new queen size mattress set to replace our rather old double bed. How naive we were at the beginning of our marriage believing that we would be content on a double bed. We figured since we would be newly weds we'd want to be close to each other anyways. It's so easy to think things can be so romantic but in reality be so silly. Probably by month four we were had enough of that and realized that a little bed meant little sleep. Either we'd be fighting for space, kicking each other or trying to stop from falling off our side of the bed. We finally broke down and after Christmas when some good sales were one we went mattress shopping. Three and a half months later and I have zero regrets of our purchase, in fact it was probably the wisest thing we ever did. It's so plush and if you get a good running start and jump you can land on a bed that will feel like landing on a cloud. Heaven!

So anyways here's to bigger beds and better sleeps leading to more awake days and more romantic nights? ;)

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dano said...

Haha yes I agree! I loove our bed! Although I only sleep 4-6hrs a night I love the pillow-top!