Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Yak Inspired Hand Bag...?

    I was talking to my sister (Elizabeth) on the phone this afternoon when the topic of a certain felt bag came up.

   Last year I had blogged about trying to make felt and having to make a bag with it as a Surface Design project. (Click Here)

   I had told Elizabeth that I was making the bag for her and when I got it back from my teacher would send it too her. Sadly though I was rather disappointed with the outcome so forgetting what I told Elizabeth I just shoved it in a closet and soon forgot all about it.

   Anyways since I pulled it out again I thought I'd just complete that last blog and give a final result photo of what actually became of that bag.

   First off I feel I need to explain the concept before you laugh at me. Ah. Elizabeth would love to go up north some time and so I tried to make a rather "northern" looking bag...with an attempts of making it almost like yak's hair.

Tada....a yak bag? Ah it was still fun to make. Haha

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