Monday, April 11, 2011

Junkfood Hangover

   Have you ever have one of those weekends where you pig out on almost only crappy food and by Monday morning you feel rather sick to the stomach? Currently I feel like I'm coming off of a sugar/bad food hang over. Uhg.
   You see Saturday evening I ended up going to Dairy Queen with a friend and enjoyed a peanut butter parfait. It felt like a well deserved treat. But following that came Sunday morning brunch at the Firestone Restaurant with a group of gals from my fashion design program. They put on an amazing spread and though I didn't even get to taste half the items they had out I do believe I ate my share of waffles drizzled in this heavenly brown sugar syrup.

   That evening Jonathan and I went on a much needed date (it seems like lately we don't get to spend much time together) and we ended up going to Dairy Queen. TWICE in one weekend I was at Dairy Queen when seriously it's gotta to have been at least a year since I was last there. I won't deny though that my ice cream was just as delicious as the follow day.  I know Jonathan sure enjoyed his treat and even finished of what I didn't eat.

   Now for the rest of the week I'll just live on leafs of spinach and a cube of cheese.....well uhm probably not. What a start for Monday.

   P.S. It's the last week of classes for me and next week I have two finals and then summer break. The count down begins.

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