Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Holiday and a Break In

   It's been a week since my last blog post. Which to me feels like forever but in reality it's nothing. Well I'm back from my Easter break and ready to keep blogging.

   This morning I woke up feeling completely refreshed from my long and wonderful break back in my home province with family and friends. So many lovely little things happened that I simply couldn't blog them all. But I'll quickly give a sum up of my highlights.

1) Got to watch my brother-in-law's graduation ceremony as he got his (hope this is right) bachelors in ministry.

2) Spent time with my best friend Elizabeth (sister)

3) P.S I also just love the way she decorates her home. :) Particularly her bedroom

4) Plus she made us a tasty home made breakfast!

5) On Friday morning we got to go to the city wide Easter service and following that Jonathan and I were able to have lunch with Tommi and Rogelio.

6) Had a blast spending time with family with two huge meals both Friday evening and Sunday for lunch.

7) Took my nephew and nieces out to float the paper boats we had made out on the spilling over dam.

 8) Enjoyed my drive back to Lethbridge with Jonathan Sunday after lunch.

9) I even got Monday off work and was able to catch up on household chores, cleaning, doing errands, and made a homemade mushroom soup that Jonathan likes. But this time was able to sneak in zucchini and he still like the soup. Yay for healthy tricks.

10) And so many more things!

   By this morning I was ready to get back to work and get some form of routine to life  again now that schools done. Everything was going great until I heard something over the radio which put a little damper on my mood. It was about a break and enter in local woman's house a few days ago where she was locked in her home by a stranger and when she she was either found or got out she had suffered severe beatings. Normally things like this don't really bother me but this morning was an exception. As I walked to my car to drive to work I discovered my car wasn't locked. I stepped in and realized that my stuff was scattered about, my cuppyhole open and my MP3 radio convert stolen. Someone had broken into my car. I've never experienced this before. As I was driving to work I just felt this jolt of anger go through me. How DARE someone come into my car, look through my stuff and take something that wasn't theirs! I know there are worst things that could happen but the very thought of someone invading my private stuff made me suddenly feel unsafe. Also hearing what happened to that women didn't help either. I know I don't have to walk in fear but I'll probably be double check locks on doors and windows for a while now.

   On that note I won't let that person who broke in to my car ruin my day. I can celebrate that today I was able to wear my first pair of sandals and introduce my feet to the outside air again. Welcome back spring.


Emme said...

aw it sounds like you had such a lovely easter weekend :) i like the editing of the photos of your sister's place. oh and please post a recipe of that soup! Please! it looks delicious.
how scary that your car got broken into! i agree, how DARE they?!

A Work in Progress said...

NEVER gonna eat your soups again!