Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby in the House

   This weekend Jonathan and I had the opportunity to experience having a whee little one in our house for a few days. Mind you one wouldn't count it a full on experience since her dad and mom (Jonathan's brother and sister in law, David and Jeannie) were the ones changing her diapers, feeding her, cleaning and washing her, putting her to bed, etc. Actually the only thing Jonathan and I did was cuddle and play with her a bit. So in truth we had quite a joyful time having a baby in our place and would consider having one right away if all that was entitled was to make the baby laugh and cuddle with him/her. Ah but obviously that won't be happening any time soon. Sorry Mom and Dad.

   Another fun thing we got to experience was watching Jeannie coach in the provincial gymnastics competition here in Lethbridge. Honestly I've only seen these kind of things on TV during the Olympics so watching these kids and teens flying, flipping, hand stands and doing crazy things on bars (I have no idea what all the names of the events were) was pretty amazing. I'd love to see my own children in something active like that. But as mentioned before...that won't be happening for awhile. Haha.

   Anyways tomorrows the big day. The day I write me two finals and I'll be done this year of school! Oh joy! On top of that we get to go home to Saskatchewan to spend the Easter weekend with both my parents and Jonathan's parents on my farm.

   I so love that my parents and his parents get along so well. I always hear stories about in-laws just loathing each other but it seems quiet the opposite with mine. This will be the second holiday they'll be celebrating together. What a blessing!

   Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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