Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day and Why I don't Drink

   Happy St Patrick's Day (what ever that's worth....) I don't even know the purpose of this holiday so I've never really celebrate it. I'll probably continue on with that tradition of none celebration for years to come.

   Anyways today's getting me to think about drinking (as it's a pretty big day for alcohol) and all that is implied with it.

   I remember first moving to Lethbridge and how it had caused me an odd  amount of stress regarding Christians and drinking. Way back I even blogged about it because I was so angered by what I was experiencing. Click here to read that post.

   Looking back to that time in life I understand more why I was so frustrated as I was experiencing more pressure to drink from my Christian friends then I ever had from anyone who wasn't a Christian. It was crazy because at a gathering I'd simple say, "I don't drink" and I'd get more slack about being too religious, Jesus drank wine so why can't we, that it's ok to drink but not to get drunk, and all those arguments that come with that, then I did any where else. Even to this day it seems I can get more respect for my choices from friends who aren't Christians then some who are.

   But now I must admit something, on my honeymoon I had my first alcoholic beverage. *Gasp* Haha! In fact with Jonathan I think I've had a total of 3 or 4 drinks up till now. This may make some people laugh and other people appalled but that's the truth. I have felt safe when I'm with Jonathan to try a drink because I know he'll not pressure me and if I don't like it I just don't finish it. He enjoys a drink every now and again, like once every few months but that's it and I'm totally comfortable with that. So when I'm just with him and he brings something home I'll have a drink with him. Same as if he brings me a hot chocolate. But personally I'll say that I've been incredibly dissapointed and see no point in drinking alcohol. Not that I ever had high hopes. I mean it's not horrible, but I've tasted better things. I've always been a water drinker so to me drinking anything else is just for a treat and to try something new. So far with me, alcohol runs up there with coffee and tea...not very good tasting so I don't desire it.

    I consider myself extremely blessed to have grown up in an atmosphere where I felt no pressure to drink, especially in my teens. In fact as a kid seeing drunk relatives and people scared me as I knew they weren't acting their normal self. It made me unsure of what to expect and most times my sister and I would try to leave that room or get away from that atmosphere. To this day I'm still incredibly uncomfortable around intoxicated people.

    I find great freedom in my life knowing I can have a wonderful time with my friends without a need of intoxication.  Because of this I'll always strive to make sure my own children are protected from alcohol in my home and in their lives. I pray that they too will find no draw to it, experience the same atmosphere Jonathan and I did was kids and can be strong enough to make their own decisions, pushing pass the peer pressure that they will face from both Christians and none Christians.

   Anyways this blog was just about my own experience and conclusion about drinking. I know many people stand differently than me and I do respect that. It's an over all touchy subject.

   So what am I doing tonight? I'll be staying at home studying for a marketing test I have tomorrow (in fact missing my macroeconomics class this evening just to make sure I'm comfortable with the material). Our teacher has no empathy for those who are out drinking tonight and perhaps purposely put that test the follow morning. I'll no doubt have a dull night compared to many others but that doesn't even phase me.

Paul established a rule of conduct that I think is very good. He said he would not eat meat or drink wine or do anything else which would cause a weaker brother to stumble (see Romans 14:14-21).  I like this verse a lot. I know that I've said I've had a few drinks but I really do believe we are accountable to others around us as they may see us as an excuse to also take up something.

Wine is a mocker, intoxicating drink arouses brawling. (Proverbs 20:1). 

I also love this quote,
"To take our money, our lives, and our bodies, all of which belong to Jesus, and subject them to a state of intoxication can hardly be said to glorify the Lord."
Just be safe tonight people! :)


Emme said...

teaka, thank you so much for writing this! i remember when we were talking one time and we discovered that neither of us drink and i was so happy and relieved to have someone at school who shared the same values as i did. i completely 100% agree with you. there is NO purpose whatsoever to drink. it gets you drunk and makes you do horrible things that you always regret and it's so terrible for your body, it literally is poising it! plus it's super expensive!! why do people drink!? i don't understand it. fortunately for me, i also have never been pressured into drinking during my teens. our religion believes very strongly in not partaking of alcoholic beverages and we DO have scriptural back up. go here to read more if you're interested. there's some scripture references and the other link is to a bunch of talks the leaders in my church have given about it. we call it the "word of wisdom" and it actually entails a lot more than just abstaining from alcohol. anyway, this post just reminded me of it and i thought you may be interested :)

p.s. when it says wine in the bible it's actually just grape juice. that's what they called it back then.

Teaka said...
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Teaka said...

Thanks Emme for the links. :)

I really apperciate that you sent me links as it's clear you know where you stand on this topic along with your religion as a whole. I however don't count those as something God spoken or inspired since in my beliefe Christianity is based only on the Bible, nothing more or less.

Again though I love hearing what others have to say and where their convictions stir from.

There are many scriptures in the Bible that do not condone intoxication and many that do talk about the results of wine and alcohol. Also at the same time I don't believe that when the Bible talk about wine it's only referring to grape juice. Drunkeness was an issue thousands of years ago just as it is now and they clearly were intoxicated on many occasions. I hope I don't sugar coat the Bible and say they didn't do something that really happened. I believe Jesus did drink wine such as during communion as the scritpure says he did. But unfortunately many take that for granted and use that an argument for their love of alcohol.

"All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." - 1 Corinthians 10:23

I believe that verse applies to so many areas in life. Including alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I agree Teaka that it is a very weak argument that it is "grape juice" I think this stems from fear of alcohol and wine. If you go to Quebec or any European country, beer, wine is a regular part of life. Just like coffee or tea. Paul exhorted Timothy to have a little wine to calm his stomach (1 Tim 5:3). I have a feeling that here in these more conservative parts, "no drinking" tends to stem from a fear reaction.

I do just wish it was a non-issue. People have said the same about certain genre's of music. Genre does not dictate content. Discernment and self-control should be the bigger issues that we are dealing with as opposed to the things that are neither good nor bad.

JDR said...

It's true, I do like my drinks!