Friday, March 18, 2011


   My heart nearly stopped when I read this new posting by Once Wed regarding an intern position they are opening up.

   When I was planning my wedding I was almost obsessed with this blog and religiously check up on it to see what amazing ideas they came up with, the photographers, images, craft idea etc. LOVE! What an amazing opportunity to intern with such a company. Seriously if I lived in the States, had knowledge in Photoshop or even just the time I totally would have applied. Drool.

   Some lucky gal is gonna have an amazing time working with them I'm sure.

   On another side note I'm sort of looking forward to the weekend but sort of not. I've got a LOT planned and none of which involves my choice of weekend recreational activities. Saturday is a day dedicated to school work. In the morning I'm going to work on photos, journals and clean up an essay so I'm ready to hand in my practicum by Monday. From 2pm to 6pm I'll be at the college working on a group project for Apparel Production and then from 6pm till who knows when, spending time working on a final practicum group project thing. Finally Sunday, after church, I'll be writing two articles reviews for my Macroeconomic class. Amongst all that time I've got to find a moment to clean bathrooms, laundry and what ever else probably needs a good cleaning.

   Only a month away till finals are here and then 4 glorious months of "summer break". Which brings the next huge question of the year....What in the world am I doing in Fashion Design again? As lovely as the program is I seriously have no clue what I can do with my schooling since I know I'll only  be living in smaller communities such as Lethbridge.

Currently I'm experiencing a semi-life crisis.

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