Saturday, March 12, 2011

One (or a Million) Sizes too Small

   Don't you just hate when you buy something online and you think you bought the right size only to find out it's got a nice big gap where the zipper won't zip up. Gah! What's worse is that it's a bridesmaid dress for the summer and I can't order a size up now tjhat the company no longer sells the dress (as of last month). Pressure?! Perhaps good pressure though.

   So the goal for now is to loose enough inches to get myself into that dress since I'm really not loving the idea of buying a new one.

   Thus the journey begins.
I had lost weight already over the winter but I guess not enough.
Thankfully it's beautiful out and since I don't have a gym membership I've been able to go outside more to start some jogging.

    I promise this won't be the only thing I blog about. But I just thought I'd mention my new big goal.
All things are possible right. I don't feel discouraged yet. Haha mind you I'm less than a week into it.
I can do it though!

   Cheers to motivation of ill fitting garments.

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