Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I Dislike the Scale!

   WHY?!!!! GAH!

   What a great disappointment to step on the scale fully expecting to have lost .5 of a pound but only to discover the horror of having gained back all you worked so hard for that week and instead put on 1.5 pounds. *Tears* Trying to loose weight is so frustrating. I've been aiming for a lose of 2 pounds per week but sadly that's just not the case this week. I haven't been cheating either.
   I dream of loosing 15 pounds but that goal looks like it's going to take longer than expected.

   Now I'm just going to suck it up. No use in feeling sorry for myself. I've just got to continue on, try to get in more exercising. I've got to attempt indoor stuff that's free and not in a gym. It's snowed again so running isn't quite an option for me. Rather I just don't like the idea of jogging outside in sloshy snow. Any suggestion.


Emme said...

that's so frustrating :( are you on a diet or anything? and if you like exercise videos two that are extremely effective that i love are callanetics and tae bo. callanetics is kind of a yoga-ish thing but it's sooooo hard, you'll be surprised. tae bo is good for cardio and burning fat. good luck! i'm fighting the same battle. it's a beast....

TEakA said...

Ooo yeah I totally should get some cardio videos and stuff. I'll admit the thought of prancing around my living room working out to a video looks silly in my head but when no ones around that probably would be most ideal!
It truly is a beast... not even a cute one like off Where the Wild Things Grow but an ugly ugly thing. :P