Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Beautiful Thing Jonathan Bought Me

   Yesterday I'll admit was a bad day. Which is truly an unusual thing for me as I'm typically able to see pass my own frustrations and just move on with life. Yet all day yesterday I simply felt aggravated. It never helps when I'm doing house chores either as I ended up getting more frustrated over the most silly thing.I spent the rest of my afternoon/evening at the college and by the time I was driving home I was ready to just be alone, eat popcorn and watch a movie. What beautiful surprise I found when I walked into my extra clean house with a bouquet of flowers on my table. Awww, Jonathan (who was gone for most of the day, we hadn't seen much of each other) had cleaned up the rest of the house, vaccumed the floors and started laundry. Just walking in a home like that makes me just feel relaxed and easier to unwind.

   On a side note today we bought our first printer! I know it's probably not a very enthralling thing to be blogging about but it's a pretty big deal for me as I no longer have to drive to the college and print off what I need. Jonathan had it up and running (even with all the complications) in no time. Now I can scan my sketches and start editing them on the computer, maybe even post them in the future. ;)

   My first image to scan! Wooohooo!!! I tried to convince Jonathan we needed to scan our faces to sort of christen it. Sadly he wouldn't go for it.

   Just to keep up with the randomness of this blog I'll veer off in another direction.

   Our dinning room is rather dull. I think once school is done I'm going to attempt to spruce it up a bit. I'm hoping to do it all under $20. Possible?....I think so!

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Emme said...

what a sweet husband you got yourself! flowers are always lovely for any occasion. i love your drawing! i've always been jealous of your sketching skills. post some more post some more!!