Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Zipper and Sewing Room

   Do you remember a few blog post back I wrote about a bridesmaid dress I was trying to fit into for the summer and so was trying to shed a few pounds to make it happen? Well a marvelous discovery has been made this weekend that has taken a bit of stress off my shoulders. Not that I was really even stressed about it but rather the incentive of loosing weight to fit in a dress as opposed to loosing weight for personal reasons are two rather different motives.
   Anyways the dress FITS me! Before we all applaud my great efforts it must be noted that apparently the dress always fit me. In fact the cause of the ill fit was a bad zipper that snagged on fabric sewn too close to the teeth any time I tried to zip it passed a certain point. This was discovered after my friend who's the bride, her sister and myself were trying on our dress together and we started tugging on the zipper.
   I know this so isn't blog worthy material but like I said it's a pretty wonder find for me and takes quite a bit of pressure off my shoulders. All I have to do is sew in a new and better zipper and it'll be as good as gold. Easy peasy.
   Now I can loose weight not because I have to but because I want too. :)

   On another side note I'm super excited to start putting together my new sewing room. Jonathan's letting me use the guest bedroom to set up a little table (got to first find one) and my sewing machine so I can have a spot in our little place to do some sewing. Currently the kitchen floor is not an ideal place for my machine so I'm looking forward to a designated spot. Hopefully I can come up with a creative idea for storing fabric too. For now I just have Safeway bags filled up and tide tight all piled up the floor. Not a very lovely sight.

   I spent all Saturday afternoon sewing. I had breakfast surrounded by my beautiful fabric and stuff. It's been awhile since I had the opportunity to do a project I wanted since usually I'm working on homework.

...and I made quite a mess in the dinning room. I can't wait for my own space.  

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Jenna said...

For Storage I like the collapsible storage bins, they hold lots, and when you don't need them they fold flat. You can get them for cheap at the dollar store, and walmart. I use them for babysitting toys, and my knitting stuff, and they fit great in my tiny bedroom.