Friday, March 04, 2011

Article on Everyday Women and Lingerie

   One of the ladies at the lingerie boutique printed off this article that she found online on the Globe and Mail. It's like an advice column that asks the readers to contribute their answers regarding a question that's been sent in.
Today's question was titled (click on the title to read) My Wife Won't Wear the Sexy Lingerie I Bought Her.

   I quite enjoyed the read and thought I'd share this article as I think many women can relate to the answers this husband receives. But at the same time I felt most drawn to the answer that a wife wrote about regarding a gift of beautiful lingerie her husband once gave her but she never wore. He passed away and it still sits in her closet, unworn. Her words express sadness that he never asked her to wear it, she would have if he did but she was probably much to shy to try it on by herself.

   I hope this doesn't offend anyone. And by offend I simple mean...oh just read the article. It's brings to perspective the world of lingerie and how daunting it can be to some women and the expectation they can feel is placed on them.

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