Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Almost Done at the Lingerie Boutique

   I've done a horrible job updating people on my time at Intrigue Lingerie Boutique. I was once excited to write about my time and experience but got caught up in life and never got around to it. But now that my practicum is almost over it feels silly to even start.

   I'll be honest in saying I'm a tad disappointed. I mean I've been enjoying myself when the there's stuff to do and the ladies I work with are absolutely darling but more often than not there isn't a whole lot to do thus leading to boredom.

   So to say the least I'm happy I got to experience some time at the boutique but even more so happy to be done soon. I'd be good to reclaim my weekends back after this week.

   But on a side note I found the cutest cookies ever that I want to make the ladies at the shop to thank them for having me (or more or less putting up with me). I'm going to make them little bra and pantie sets. I can't wait to try my hand at creating these.

   Anyways, hope all your weeks are going well. I'm starting to get into the school drone and dreaming about spring again. With spring comes better weather and the promise of getting into better shape.

Come hither Spring

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Emme said...

LOVE those cookies! hahahah. they are so cute and such a good idea.