Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hair Cut

Thought I'm trying to grow my hair out it had been almost 7 month since my last hair cut and the ends of my hair are all split and so brittle. It was time to get a trim. On top of that Jonathan finally got a hair cut too which inspired me to go suck it up and go in.

Haha he didn't want to take a picture, thus he doesn't look very amused.

So even though the hair cutter lady got rid of my dry ends sadly I'm not a big fan of the way she did my bands.

I wished for bangs like this.
 Thankfully hair grows back. :)


Amber said...

You should come for a visit to the Hat and my sister could give you bangs like you really want :) She's pretty much amazing at that!

Teaka said...

Jonathan always wanted to go to the hat for his favorite hair cutter as he said no one else could cut hair like that person. Maybe the Hat's just over all better hair dressers. Next time we'll do a trip down there.

Unknown said...

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