Wednesday, February 02, 2011

From This Afternoon

    I'm getting rather anxious today. It's been three days since I've had work and it's starting to get to me. Sadly my boss keeps texting me to say nothings come in to work on. February is already going to be a tight month financially since I'll be starting my praticum and I have to miss out on work days but now adding three more days at home is so not cool. But nobody can be blamed.
So I'm at home again, and there's only so much cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc that can be done until well...there's nothing left to do.

    Today I guess is a relaxed day. I thought I'd take few photos of what I did for a few hours this afternoon.

1) Worked on Marketing, a case study. Took some time but I'm happy it's over.
2) I went to the library and found at book, When the West Was Young, which is more or less a historical account of local towns and pioneers, bonus it was on sale for only 50 cents. Once I'm done blogging I'm going to attempt reading a good portion of it.
3) Watered and cleaned my lovely plants. They're so's a nice contrast to all the blinding white outside.
4) Took a break from homework to have a piece of toast with PB&J.

   Over all it's been a relax afternoon but I seriously can't do this much longer.

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