Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Teaka Meets Couponing

  Last night after a mostly complete clean up of the Christmas decor, laundry and dishes Jonathan and I flopped in front of the TV to just waist away whatever was left of the evening.

   I'm not sure how we started watching this program but we found ourselves completely engulfed by a TLC show about these extreme couponers. First off I was rather critical that once again there was a new program out about something so silly and how anybody could get their own program these days but that cynicism soon turned into utter amazement. These every day, normal people were discovering ways to walk into a grocery store, fill 4, 5, 6 carts FULL of items totaling from $600 to $5000 and every one of them spent under $10. TEN DOLLARS!!! And on top of that you should see their stock piles. They could have their own store with all the accumulated stuff in their homes. Some were super organized with shelves, everything categorized and accounted for while others where just piling their goods up in any spare space in their homes. What I loved the most about these people was that only were they super smart but many gave the majority of their finds to food banks, charities and churches in their town. These people seriously have a God given talent for couponing!

   Now after seeing this show I'm hooked. I can honestly say I've never really even looked through coupons before. Every time I get flyers and the paper I simply toss them out. Well no more of that people! There's no way I'm going to turn into one of those world champion couponing people. But it wouldn't hurt to do a little research on the stores I shop at and maybe save a few bucks here and there with coupons.

So I've decided I'm going to try to dip my pinky toe into the vast ocean of  the world of Extreme Couponing. :)


Emme said...

that's so strange, i JUST found a friend's photo album on facebook dedicated to her coupon purchases. ok, get this, she bought: Mr. Clean magic erasers, a big bottle of Mr. Clean All purpose cleaner, 2 bottles of Dawn dish soap, a bottle of downy fabric softener, a big bottle of Old Spice body wash, 4 Old spice deodorants, a bottle of carpet stain remover, a tube of Crest toothpaste, 2 tubes Covergirl mascara, aaaaaand a bottle of vaseline lotion for $1.81 +tax!!!! isn't that INSANE! she got me hooked on clipping coupons for sure! i don't know if you're able to see her profile, but her name is lena reed, you should check out her album, it's pretty awesome.

TEakA said...

That's incredible!
I think there are way more coupons for items in the States as it's hard to even come across a few here. You're friend sure has some form of system figured out. :D