Monday, January 24, 2011

Life and Lingerie

    This coming month, February, I'll be starting my practicum at Intrigue Lingerie Boutique.  Most of you may think, "Teaka's such a sweet and innocent gal. Who would have ever guest she would want to work in a lingerie shop?" Now I'll admit that I feel a little bashful telling people where I'll be training and currently I avoid the topic while talking to a guy but I know I'll get over the shyness very quickly as I'm bound to turn this into something I'm extremely open and unashamed to talk about. It is after all, only women's undergarments.

After searching high and low for a clean, classy boutique that wasn't selling the kinky sex stuff but rather offering a variety of bra sizes, beautiful lingerie for women of all body types, sleep wear and things that make a women feel pretty and sexy, not trashy, I settled on this shop. It fits all my desires and I'll feel safe with the two very caring and lovely owners. It's like their goal to educated every women that walks into their store regarding proper undergarment fittings along with the beauty of loving what you wear under it all. So I can't wait to start here at what seems to be a perfect lingerie boutique.

    On top of that I'm a history lover. There are many category of history I'll eat up but one I've been particularly fond of one for a while now, is how underwear has literally shaped women's role in society, the perceptions about what they were capable of and their lifestyles for over 100's of years. Going from steal boned corsets to sports bra is something more freeing to our society than most modern women would even recognize. Eighty to ninety years ago may not seem that far gone in history but our world has seen the most drastic evolution just with underwear and it would probably blow your mind what was expected for a proper women to wear. Go any farther back in time...well that for another time . Oh the extremes women will put themselves through.

   I'm looking forward to blogging about my time in the boutique and the things I get to experience. Although I'm mostly hoping to learn a lot more of the small business side of things, for the sake of blogging I'll refrain from boring my readers with what I learn regarding accounting, loans and laws and keep to the interesting juicy stuff.

So exciting!!!


Emme said...

i'm so excited for you to have this as your practicum!! i LOOOOOVE lingerie, it so much fun! and that is so crazy how we've gone from corsets to sprorts bras...crazy. i'm not gonna lie, i've always wanted to try on a corset though. hope you enjoy you job!

Anonymous said...

So... when I come into town, you'll have to help me out with a good bra... or corset! =)
I'm SO excited for you, Intregue is the cutest little shop ever, and you'll fit perfectly there. I love how up-scale it is, yet it's warm and welcoming... PLUS your on bridal shoppe street! FuN!
congrats, and I'll be following your adventures! =)