Monday, January 31, 2011

History as Bed Time Stories

   I confessed to Jonathan my desire to be so knowledgeable in history that instead of reading our children simple night time stories, I would instead tell them stories about real accounts in history, queens and duchesses and the amazing thing that happened to shape our world today. In my head that would be the most enjoyable time every. I love telling people about history and current things I'm learning or reading about. I don't know how Jonathan and friends handles me through period base movies as I have to constantly stop myself from exploding out with useless bit of information that really don't contribute to the movie but only excite me. So in my head I figure I can use my children as my outlet for passing down stories. Now of course we if have sons I'll have to switch my love over to more masculine historical things such as battles, kings and....gulp...weapons. But lets not think about that now. I'm sure it's all very interesting but women seem to have more social challenges to triumph over and truthfully all the more fun in fashion then men. I'm thinking my kids will probably loath history by the time they're ready to go to school at age 5. Ah but they'll be smart.

I'm excited to receive some books in the mail. Amazon is simply the best for get dirt cheap books. First off I'm getting Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Jonathan rented this movie for me for last night. I had read only a tad about her and after hearing there was a movie on her life I insisted we watch it at some point. She was a duchess in England during the same years Marie Antoinette (France) was on throne. She had a fascinating life (actually a rather sad life) and used her fame to become greatly involved in politics, which was uncommon for women at that time.

Second I got for only $.01, Perdida: The Life of Mary Robinson. This is a women I had never heard of until I started looking into Georgiana's life. Mary was women poet who became friends with Georgiana and also lived a intersting world as an actress, with a life of dept, love, blackmail and passion. I can't wait to learn more about her!

Lastly I picked up a book, I've already finshied this summer from the library but I enjoyed it and  I wanted to add it to my collection,What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution. This book went through the life of the French Queen Marie and how she used fashion to sort of express herself and the stages of life she was going through. It was an A+ read. And though I'm almost sick of her, as she use to be all I read about I think she's a staple figure in history and this book will be an excellent addition to my tiny library.Plus it was only $2.67.
The more I read up about these women the more I hear of other ladies in history I want to learn more about. I've drawn always to women in the French monarchy history such as Madame Pompadour, Madame Du Barry, Marie Antoinette, Countess de Lamotte and so many more but I'm starting to enjoy other countries as well now.

Who knows when I'll actually have time to indulge myself in my readings. I'm sure I'll get a few evenings to squeeze these books before summer.

Cheers to history and to those who write it.

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Emme said...

those books all look fascinating! i watched the duchess just the other day and honestly i really didn't like it. it was just terribly and left me feeling miserable. i'm sure you'll like it more though since you're a history buff :)