Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fixing Amara's Wedding Dress

   Last summer some friends of mine got married. Amara (the bride) has a beautiful wedding dress she purchased from a friend but discovered that the gown was a tad to short and wearing shoes of any height made the length all the more obvious. Early in the summer she approached me asking if I would be comfortable to play around with the dress and see if we could add some length. Having just gotten married myself I knew that Amara didn't need this added stress to her planning so I agreed to take a look at it. Thankfully my own wedding dress came with extra fabric that was suppose to be a shawl and it matched almost perfectly with her own gown so I was able to work with that to add the length she needed.

   After we played around with it a bit we finally settled on something that wasn't too difficult, much to my relief.

  I kept the dress for a few weeks and when I had spare time began pinning and working the fabric into ruffles that would cover her shoes. I had to take the ruffles apart many times and arrange the fabric so that it was even all the way around.

   With only a month away (actually I can't even remember the dead line) I felt bad that Amara didn't have her dress yet and really questioned if this would work or not. Plus having the dress in the basement suit we use to live in scared me a tad to as we were having major leak problems. I prayed that nothing would go wrong every time I pulled it out to start hand stitching the ruffles on. It wasn't overly stressful and I enjoyed the challenge but the idea of wrecking a bride's dress was just awful. To my delight I finished with time to spare and was finally able to hand the gown back to my friend.

   This was last summer but they were just recently able to post wedding photos which brought back the memories of this challenge in wedding alterations. I simply thought I'd share the results.

   You can't really see them but there's one of the hair clips in Amara's hair. I made them for her out of the beads on the straps on her dress she didn't use. Seriously aren't they the cutest couple ever! Such a beautiful wedding!

    I was blessed that she trusted me to work on her gown and hair pieces. I only wish I had more time to sew and work on projects like these. But for now with school starting up again I'll have to continue to focus on school and work. Who knows, maybe summer time I can pick up some more sewing.

Amara if you're reading this thanks for letting me blog about you. :)


Lethbridge Fashion Weekend said...

It's gorgeous Teaka! You did a beautiful job. And, as always, I am loving your sketch.

Anonymous said...

wow! What a great blog... and I had no idea you salvaged Arons dress for Amara! That's amazing... you are so incredibly talented, and the sketch was breathtaking.

Teaka said...

Haha Aron's dress? Well thankfully I didn't salvage her dress as whoever that is probably wouldn't have been to pleased with me. This was simply extra fabric from my own dress. No biggy. :) Thank you though.