Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday and Photo shoot

   Last Saturday my dear friend Genevieve came back to Lethbridge for the weekend and we had the chance to spend a portion of the morning together just relaxing in my house over coffee/hot chocolate. It was great catching up and though our visit was short it was sweet. Now she one amazing photographer so I was thrilled to be her "model" for a quick shoot she had in mind which allowed me to wear my wedding dress again. I had not put it on since the wedding day so the night before I pulled it out of the closet and enjoyed remembering how pretty I felt and how the dress swooshed around me when I walked around.

   Anyways, the shoot was so much fun and I'm thankful it was a beautiful day, I wasn't one bit chilly.

   If you want to see more of the photos CLICK HERE and if you want to see Genevieve's website CLICK RIGHT HERE.

   Also yesterday was my birthday! I'm now 24 years old. The older I get the more I realize how little I know. Regardless I did have two classes that day so I hope because of my new age I was able to absorb significantly more knowledge than when I was 23, only two days ago. It's a possibility.

   Jonathan gave me this amazing recipe book called The Golden Book of Desserts. It's this huge hardcover book with gold edges and a red ribbon, kind of looks like a Bible, a Dessert Bible.

   I love reading recipe books and when I have the change (which isn't very often) trying out something new. I can't wait to start trying some of these recipes.


Emme said...

happy birthdayyyyyy! i love the book you got for your present. it looks like fun:) and i love the pictures, you look amazing as per usual. your friend is such a talented photographer and i've actually seen her website before through facebook. i love her style of photography.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Teaka! Congrats on turning 24! It's a fantastic year, and you'll do amazing at it. I think as we get older we retain less, so keep those retiention skills strong by paying attention extra hard. I hate all the little freshmen in my classes that know everything. I glare at them in contempt. hahahha

Genny took lovely pictures once again, I love everything she took of you on her site. You are gorgeous and were a breathtaking bride... just as you were in these winter shoots.

Hope things are going well, and thanks for keeping with world updated with your adorable blog! =)

Pirate of The Napkins said...

I love the idea of using your wedding dress again for a photoshoot. :) Happy Birthday!