Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I'll do When This Semester is Done

When I'm done my last final (Thursday) I've got a whole list in my mind of a things I can accomplish and work on until the next semester!
And because I love telling people what I'm going to do next I'll tell you people as well. And this is in no particular order.

1) Draw, draw and draw! I want to fill a whole sketch book of anything and everything. Oh how I miss drawing. My sister and I may attempt a project of some sort when I go home for Christmas but we'll see if that actually happens. I'm excited to have a project that doesn't have a pending due date and to be free of being graded on.

2) This goes with number one but I want to research more illustration techniques. I enjoy investigating how people draw and render with different art supplies and I desperately want to hone in on this craft.

3) Also to start working on making my journals a lot more creative. I have a billion of journals (ok like maybe 15 over my life span ...not that many) but they are blah. My goal is to begin using the things around me, what I write about to create something that will really store my memories. Check out this blog that I LOVE, Chubby Broccoli and her awesome journals.

4) Finish reading my unfinished book my sister lent/gave me, What Would Audrey Do? I have a few books on Audrey that friends have given me over the years. Here's just another one to be read. :)

5) Bake the most AMAZING birthday cake Jonathan has ever laid eyes on!!!! And by that I mean attempt a cake that will stand up and hold the icing with out dripping everywhere. I fear it'll take me awhile to actually bake a cake as his mom probably could...but a girl can dream of being Martha Steward right? (P.S. Jonathan's birthday is on Christmas, cool eh.)

6) Learn The Office theme song on the piano! (Yes big ambitions)

7) When I go home to the farm for a few days clean out my old bedroom and figure out what can be trashed and what I should take back to Lethbridge with me. Prom dress anybody?

8)  I should probably attempt so sew something... don't know what though.

....and yep...that's about it. Well there's much more to add. But I draw a blank at this point.

But for now I must stay focused on studies. I can do it!

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Emme said...

wow, that girl's journal is so cool! personally i hate journalling. the only time i do it is when i'm super upset/depressed/angry and can't hold it in anymore and i just have to vent, so i write. so it's basically a book filled of reasons why i hate the world and i write in it about twice a year haha. i hope no one ever reads them.
those are such great goals. way to be ambitious on your holiday break!! i hope you post some of your illustrations! i love seeing your work, you're so talented. ooh and i gotta find that book and read it. love audrey hepburn!
oh aaaaand, going through your old room is so much fun. i loved going home and doing that. enjoy the holidays!