Sunday, December 12, 2010

Under the Tree

   We now have presents under our tree. Which for me means a perfect time to quickly show you guys my antique 1950's tinsel Christmas!
I so enjoy showing it off and I'm sure very few people get the same delight out of it as I do but regardless it's that time of year where I'm allowed to be obnoxious and once again say, "LOOK AT MY TREE!!!" I have found memories of the trees also because I bought it the same weekend Jonathan proposed to me. *Sigh*
   I found this lovely white bird that we have at the top! I think it's extra elegant! It's hard to really see though with the white wall in the background.
   Anyways Saturday I finished my last school assignment earlier than I expected to so with a bit of time on our hands Jonathan and I decided to go Christmas shopping for his family. Nothing under that tree is for us or for my family...just his. So yep Ritz family your getting a good Christmas!!! Haha.
There was a point in our shopping where we were both getting a little aggravated with one another as it's obvious we have two different opinions of how much to spend and give. I'm simple and think one gift is perfect while Jonathan LOVES buying people lots and lots of.....things. So naturally Christmas is a highlight for him. It's one of his "Love Languages" and it's truly a way he expresses love. It's wonderful for those who are are getting something from him. I'm hoping in the future we'll find a happy medium but being our first Christmas we're both getting use to each other's actions and thoughts.
I have a feeling we're going to have a rather full tree in the near future.
Oh Lord help me!

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Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

What a great find! I've wanted a tree like this for ages.