Monday, December 06, 2010

Silk Screening

As my classes come to a close I'm working on completing all final projects including my surface design class in which consists of making a logo design and silk screening six shirts with different variation of our graphic. I spent a bit of time finishing up the shirts this weekend so I simply have a few write ups to do but I thought I'd share only one shirt. This is the first one I did and as you can tell the feathers are a little messed up due to my inablility to properly understand the screening process. But I got it under control after a bit. Regardless I am quite proud of my design and the shirts that are complete. I wish I had the equipment myself. But that may lead me to silk screening all my own clothing....and bed covers, shower curtain and the likes. Probably not the best of ideas.


Jessica Jurassic said...

I need to blog about this too! I love how yours turned out!!

Emme said...

this looks like so much fun!! i was wondering about the positioning of the feathers. they're kind of in a circular thing which would be cute for someone with a pregnant belly!

Teaka said...

Haha yes I suppose that could be a cute maternity wear. Oooo I've found my niche! Haha