Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look What I Got in the MAIL!!! :D

   Today I finished my last final! After all the hard work knowing you can relax for a good two week is such rewarding feeling.

   But that's not what  made me so excited today. After I left college I went to the post office to pick up the mail and discovered a letter from Alberta Education. I was a little scared that when I'd opened it I'd find something wrong, like a bill unpaid or an error in some technical thing. But much to my utter shock was a letter and a cheque for $1,000!!!! The letter went on to say that I had been chosen to receive a Jason Lang Scholarship because of, and I quote, my "exceptional academic achievement". Haha...well that must have been from last years schooling.
This means I can afford my classes and text books and any extra costs for my coming semester in January!

What an amazing and wonderful day!!!
God's totally is taking care of me!! :) Thank you Lord!


Christine Killam said...

Teaka that is amazing! I am so proud of you as that is a very prestigious award. The story of Jason Lang is one of sadness but it brings me such joy that his memory lives on in your happiness. What a great day!

Emme said...

no way!!! that's so awesome! lucky girl :)