Wednesday, December 01, 2010

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Last night I was randomly looking through the photo's I had in my cell and I came cross this photo of me and Elizabeth when we were newly born. (Jonathan had sent it too me awhile ago when he was uploading photos for a wedding slide show earlier this year but that's totally besides the point.)

I'm the tiny, mouse looking one to the left.

After not being able to find any features similar to my 23 year old self in that weakling of a child, I began thinking about how incredibly different life turns out to be 5, 10, 15 years down the road. This train of thought lead me to imagining going back in time and telling my younger self all the things that would happen in the future. I think the most important things to tell myself back around the ages of 14-16 would be that:

1) Don't worry, one day you'll get your license and you'll drive so well you'll never get in an accident.

2) High school seriously is not a big deal. In fact you were a very level headed child through your high school years which may have possibly saved you from all that drama you thought would have added excitement to your life, that stuff will all come later on but since your older you handle things better.

3) You won't wear cloth bras forever. In fact you wont be flat chested for the rest of your life. After you graduate and move cities you'll discover that you'll even be able to shop for those lovely right off the rack and they'll fit you!!

4) It's ok to like boys. But be smart and don't throw your heart around. Just keep doing what you're doing in life and when you find that guy you have the hugest crush on...well don't get too discouraged something wonderful comes out of it.

5) Elizabeth will always be your best friend but as time goes on you'll learn how to function in life without her. Go to parties, large groups and have friends with out her. The best part is being able to call her up and tell her all of these new things you're discovering in life and hear what's going on in hers.

It's funny how concerned we can get about issues we currently think are mammoth problems or fears. While I bet 10 years from now we'll all look back and just sigh....such little things we worry about sometimes.

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Emme said...

haha this was so cute. that's so funny that you worried about all those things :) wouldn't it be nice if we could back in time? i always try to imagine what the future will bring and prepare myself that way.