Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies...and now the clean up.

Last night I had two friends over and we just spent the evening decorating cookies and watching White Christmas. It was ever so delightful and I really enjoyed having time that was guilt free from knowing I should be working on a class assignment. Christmas break is God sent!
Sadly though I'm slightly dreading going home as I know what awaits me, a sink full of dishes. Lately it seems as though every time I come home from work the first thing I must do is clean the kitchen. Which really isn't all that bad and doesn't take that long (and most times when Jonathan's around he'll help) but doing it over and over again is slightly depressing. And here's the kicker, I have a whole lifetime of dishes to look forward too.  People may say, "Ah but Teaka, why not get a dishwasher?" Well I don't see any room in my house for one and on top of that, dishwashers more or less hide and store dishes for a period of time until it becomes inevitable to have to take them out and one still has to put them  back....the process of dishes can not be ignored.
Ok, so obviously this is not a very thrilling blog considering my only topic is cleaning. But currently that's what's on my mind.... how much I'm dreading going home to the kitchen.
Alas such is life. Thankfully there are so many other things to look forward to, like a few cookies to nibble on.
I was going to put the cookies on a tray and let the people at my work place pick over them but I've discovered that Jonathan is actually eating the cookies rather quickly. You see that very far off tray in the picture. When woke up this morning that whole tray of cookies was gone. So I'll just let him take them for lunch and devour them all up.
Who knows they may be done by tomorrow. ...ah just kidding (sort of.)
Dang what a lame blog post today.

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